Secure the satellite antenna securely to the roof of the motorhome

Our customer presented us his new application he created; How to secure the satellite antenna securely to the roof of the motorhome.

With a mobile home you are independent. It is up to you whether you pick a specific place for your trip or whether you look for a new place every day. Look at sights during the day or drive from one place to another, and in the evening let the day end with a cozy glass of wine.

Before you crawl into your bed, you want to watch TV – but wait: How do you actually attach a satellite antenna to a motorhome safely and flexibly? Finally, the antenna has to be realigned at each place. Once the antenna is set correctly, it should also hold this position reliably. Otherwise the picture would suddenly disappear in the middle of a soccer game – nobody want’s that!

As so often, the solution is: magnets!

One of our customers took the initiative and photographed his construction and made it available to us.

Secure the satellite antenna securely to the roof of the motorhome; This is how it works!

The following was used:

Foil used to prevent damadge

Detail view of mounted screws

Material needed

Fixed magnets on holder

Mounted antenna on the roof

The pot magnets are attached to the holder with the M6 screws. Lay the foil or rubber simply underneath. The thinner the foil, the better the magnets adhere. But even a 1 mm thick film is not a problem for these magnets.

Once the antenna is in place, it can be aligned. The magnets hold the antenna securely in place.

It should be noted that the roof must of course be made of metal – a plastic roof is of course not suitable for this!

And the journey can go on!

Now nothing stands in the way of a cozy evening watching TV in your mobile home!

The next morning the satellite antenna can easily be removed again until it is quickly and easily installed again in the evening – at the next station.