Self-made picture wall

A self-made picture wall with magnetic foil and magnetic paint is always an eye-catcher. One of our customers created a very special and, above all, flexible work of art. In today’s magnet application, we would like to present the result to you.

How the Self-Made picture wall was created

I primed a 2×1 meter MDF board and painted it with magnetic paint. A total of 72 pictures of various sizes are attached with magnets. To do this, I use the „Magnetic foil self-adhesive DIN A2 on one side – can be cut to size„,  which you recommended to me after a consultation. I cut small pieces out of the magnetic foil and stick them on the pictures in each of the four corners. So similar to how you deal with photo corners. The pictures are now hanging perfectly on the board.
Advantage: with new pictures, these can be easily exchanged thanks to the magnets. Alternatively, the pictures could also be glued directly to the picture wall, but I am flexible with a plate and can hang it around as desired.

Photos on magnetic foil

Picture Wall on magnetic foil and paint

A beautiful work of art in the living room. What an eye-cather!