Magnetic fastening of profile strip for wooden ceiling

Assembling the ceiling without seeing screws or nails afterwards – our customer solved this task with magnetic fastening of profile strip for wooden ceiling.

Magnetic fastening

Materials used for this project:

Screwed on magnetic bar

Magnetic fastening of profile strip for wooden ceiling

This is how this project was implemented:

I used the magnets to attach a 3 meter profile strip to my wooden ceiling. The magnets and washers I attached to the wooden profile strip on the ceiling as a counterpart. Now I can simply attach my wooden profile strips to the ceiling in a concealed manner without screws or nails. This brings the advantage that I can quickly assemble / dismantle the profile strips. It holds!!!


Optimal use of the adhesive force by installing the neodymium magnet in an elongated U-profile.
With a length of only 50 mm and a height of 5 mm, you get a small magnet system with an adhesive force of approx. 16 kg.
The nickel-plated U-profile protects the strong NdFeB magnet from damage and increases / bundles the adhesive force on one side.
This means that this flat bar magnet is only magnetic on the open side with the countersunk holes!
On the back, the magnet is therefore non-magnetic and has no adhesive force.
The neodymium flat strip only rests with the two U-legs on the metallic adhesive base and thus prevents damage to the glued-in magnet.
With the existing hole with countersink, you can securely attach this holding magnet with an M3 countersunk screw.
Due to the elongated shape, these magnets can also be easily sunk into grooves.
The safer and robust fastening option for industry, workshops, mechanical engineering, trade fair construction and hobby rooms.