Magnetic attachment of fleece to the cold frame

There are different possibilities to prevent that the fleece flies away with every gust of wind, for example: magnetic attachment of fleece to the cold frame.
Probably the easiest option is to use curved metal rods to which the fleece can be easily attached to.

Magnetic attachment of fleece to the cold frame

Magnet on stainless steel rod

Fleece attachment on stainless steel rods

Covering the cold frame with fleece

The following materials were used:


Our customer solved the „blowing away“ problem as follows:

  • He attached the magnets to the rods.
  • When the fleece needs to be held in place, he easily can lift up the magnets and lay the fleece inbetween the rods and the magnets.
  • For watering purposes he can easily pull it back up.
  • For the 5 meter long bed he used 8 arches of fleece and 16 magnets. If necessary, a second magnet can be attached on each side.


The adhesive effect is so great that he dispensed using the additional magnet.


Please be aware that magnets do not adhere to pure stainless steel!
Please use metal rods that are not made of stainless steel. If in doubt, check with a magnet if they attract to the rods before using them.