Wardrobe with magnetic key rack

This magnet application is not only something for the eye, but also represents a very practical gadget in your own home. A wardrobe with a magnetic key rack.

Easy creation and assembly of the Wardrobe with a magnetic key rack

Milling cutter for holes

Holes for magnets

An illustration of the key rack

Finished wardrobe with key rack

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In principle, all you have to do is drill a hole in the key board from behind and glue the magnet in place.
To ensure that the magnetic force is sufficient, the distance between the key and the magnet should not be more than 1 – 1.5 mm.
So that the wood does not break, the remaining material thickness should not be too small.
With conventional drills, the tip of the drill is through before the hole is sufficiently deep.
A router can be used to achieve a completely flat drill base.
To do this, a hole is drilled with a Forstner bit, leaving a few millimeters of material so that the tip does not penetrate the wood.
Then the exact drill hole depth is worked out with the router with copying sleeve.