Chess pieces

„From old to new“! This is the motto of this application. Simple chess pieces as furniture handles for a shelf.

 Furniture handles made out of chess pieces

Materials and tools used to create the furniture handles:

When using the magnets, attention should be paid to the polarity in order to avoid unwanted repulsion.

  • Wood (roll)
  • Glue and industrial glue
  • Milling machine
  • A Drill
  • Plexiglass panel
  • Shelf

Necessary work steps for processing the pieces into furniture handles:

  • Mark the desired width of the individual magnet holder blanks on the wooden roll
  • Turn the blanks from the wooden roll, cut into slices and cut in the middle
  • At first drill the required holes for the magnets in the magnet holder
  • Insert the magnets and glue them from behind
  • Now mill this into the desired shape
  • The hole needs to be drilled in the underside of the chess pieces
  • Again, insert the magnets and glue them together
  • Attach the magnetic holder to the inside of the shelf
  • Glue the finished chess piece to the colorful plexiglass panes with the help of industrial glue and let them adhere to the pre-assembled magnetic holder

Plexiglass panes that cover the individual shelves can be easily removed using the attached chess piece.