Aquarium-filter attached securely & flexibly

Our customer attached his aquarium-filter securely & flexibly with our products.
All aquarium lovers know the struggle of how to securely attach the aquarium-filter and still remain flexible.

Aquarium-filter attached securely & flexiblyAquarium

His internal filter of the aquarium caused problems over and over again. The suction cups became hard being constantly in the water and in a short period of time they no longer adhered securely to the window. Which caused that the filter kept falling into the aquarium.

Our customer used the following products: 


This is how he implented his application:

  • He removed the suction cups from the base plate of the filter and glued the magnets with hot glue on instead.
  • As a counterpart, another magnet was attached to the outside of the aquarium so that the base plate holds securely.

Waterproof magnets

Detail view of magnets

Aquarium-filter with magnets

Aquarium-filter attached securely & flexibly

Thanks to the magnets on the outside, now the filter can even be moved without getting your hands inserted into the aquarium.
Depending on the size of your filter used on your aquarium, you might need 2 or 3 pairs of magnets.