Magnetic shaving soap holder

Our customer needed a reliable fastening for his shaving soap, so he decided to create a magnetic shaving soap holder with cone magnets. Now the shaving soap stays in place during use –  otherwise the soap keeps sliding back and forth in the bowl.

Since I shave wet, I use shaving soap in the bowl. After the shaving soap has worn down to a certain extent, it no longer sticks, but always rotates when I want to lather up soap with the shaving brush. If the shaving soap rotates, however, lathering with the shaving brush is no longer possible.

To prevent the shaving soap from rotating, I attached neodymium cone magnets to the inside of the bowl. Since my current shaving bowl is made of stainless steel, it is not magnetic itself. That’s why I attached disc magnets 15 mm x 3.00 mm N45 nickel to the outside of the shell so that the magnets now hold each other.
Now I can push my shaving soap in the bowl into the cone magnets and thereby fix it. The last piece of shaving soap no longer rotates.
This solution can also be used with plastic cans / trays aswell.

Magnetic shaving soap holder

Conemagnets inside the bowl

Conemagnets used

Discmagnets used

Magnets on the shaving soap