Magnetic locking for sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are often used for glazing terraces and our customer created a magnetic locking for sliding glass doors, since the individual panes of glass run in guide rails and usually do not have a predetermined latch.

In order to provide the panes with a locking mechanism, one of our customers installed neodymium cube magnets 12 x 12 x 12 mm N48 Gold in the sliding glass doors.
Each door has a magnet on its base, which is attached to the railing with a specially made pole piece. The pole pieces are made of 3 mm thick sheet iron and are adapted to the shape of the railing . A little manual dexterity is an advantage here.

Breakthroughs are made in the bottom rail to accommodate the counter magnets. The distance between the door magnets and the floor rail magnets should be around 1 to 2 mm. In this way, the magnets still attract sufficiently strong and at the same time can be released easily enough.

Magnetic locking for sliding glass doors

The installation position of the magnets is chosen so that the direction of magnetization is parallel to the direction of movement of the sliding doors. This results in a clear locking position that is pleasantly soft and easy to reach. Each latching position of a door requires a magnet in the bottom rail.

Only one magnet is built into the sliding glass door itself.

Detail view of magnet in railing

Side view of used magnet

Poles marked on cube magnet

Railing of the sliding door