Explosion box with magnets

A handmade work called photo explosion box with magnets . A customer made great gift boxes with photos and other homemade things in them.

The boxes are cut out of cardboard and folded so that they can be opened and closed. Photos are then glued to the inside of the sides or small pockets are created in which you can put small letters.

In order to be able to removed the accessories without damaging the handicraft, they are not glued, but fixed with blockmagnets 10 x 10 x 10 mm N 42 nickel.
Thin disc or block magnets with a height of only 1 mm are best suited for this. A metal disc Ø 20 with double-sided adhesive tape, white can serve as a counterpart.
So everything stays in its place and the explosion box can be transported safely.

Creating individual and unique gift ideas-Explosion boxes with magnets

Online you can find countless different handicraft instructions for explosion boxes with individual designs. Have a look and start creating small little give a way right in time for christmas!