The collecting bottle opener

The collecting bottle opener while opening the bottles was an interesting and useful application that our customer implented with the help of our products.

This submission is worth publishing, because the materials that our customer uses are sometimes still a bit unusual.
Not only wood, but also concrete or 3D prints were used for the creation of the bottle openers.

A strong neodymium magnet is used to catch the falling bottle caps. Depending on the size of the bottle opener, block magnets 40 x 20 x 10 mm N42 nickel or disc magnets Ø 30 x 15 mm N 42 nickel in various dimensions were used.

The collecting bottle opener

Elegant wooden edition of bottle opener

Wooden version of bottle opener

Plastic housing for bottle opener

Custom design

Catching bottle caps

Collection of bottle caps

These unique, self-made bottle openers are not only very useful and handy but also a great eye-catcher.  For your own house, bar or as a gift for your freinds and family, a great gadget that should not be missing in any household.

Your creativity knows no limits when creating a custom made „collecting bottle opener“.

Thank you to our customer for sharing his idea with us!