Electromagnetic train

We were able to support the pupils at the Veitshöchheim high school in a project with our strong magnets – electromagnetic train.

The aim was to build the „simplest electric train“.

Ladies and Gentlemen

We contacted you for the first time last spring and asked for support for our experiment, which we set up as part of our P seminar at the Veitshöchheim high school. The experiment is the „simplest electric train“, for which, among other things, strong neodymium magnets are needed.

Your company was kind enough to advise us and provide us with several magnets of different sizes free of charge. Thanks to this support, we were able to successfully set up the experiment over a period of nine months. We concluded our P seminar with an evening presentation in our school’s auditorium. We presented our experiments in an entertaining way in a one and a half hour program. These were then exhibited to try out and ask questions. During the presentation, we mentioned your company as a sponsor of our magnets, showed your company logo and thanked you for your support.

We would also like to send you the video of our test as an attachment so that you can use it for advertising purposes or otherwise as agreed.

Many thanks again for the problem-free cooperation, advice and material support!

Kind regards

We know that the support was worth it when we get such a great result in the end!

Electromagnetic train

Materials Electromagnetic train:

  • Copper wire Ø 0.50mm
  • AA battery
  • Neodymium discmagnets – SM-12×12-N
  • Wooden slats for attachment
  • Wooden stick with approx. Ø 2cm for winding the spiral