Labeled magnetic signs

Our customer and her daughter had a very creative and original idea, labeled magnetic signs.

With the help of our magnets and some additional materials, they conjured up unique and individual signs.

Required materials and tools:


For the design they proceeded as follows:

  • At the beginning, the boards and panelwere cut to the desired size
  • Then they started to decorate them as they liked. Blackboard lacquer was used to create a writable surface on the wooden boards.
  • The laser were used to write on the boards or to create drawings on them.
  • The disc magnets were worked into the back of the small boards and on the front of the panel.
    It is important to pay attention to the polarity of the respective magnets! This can lead to unwanted rejection!
  • After processing the boards and the panel, the individually created signs can be attached to the large panel.


Labeled magnetic signs

Original lettering


Postcard sign

Magnetic wooden panel with signs

As can be seen in the attached video, the board was also created for the upcoming cake sale. There were no limits to the creativity of our customer and her daughter!