A house for the trash cans

A house for the trash cans with magnetic support was created. This assures that the lid remains closed.
The housing is equipped with disused shock absorbers of a car rear door.

A house for the trash cans

Trash can house

Magnets used for closure

Our Customer used screwable neodymium flat bars an an angle plate. Do to the magnetic attraction, the lid stays securely shut.
You can find the magnets used for this apllication here: Neodymium magnets -screwable 

Magnets with bore and countersink for screwing


Screw-on magnetic force:
The magnets in this category have one or two countersunk holes. This allows that the block magnets can be screwed on using countersunk screws. Due to the special design, the flat screw-on magnets are hardly bulky and still have the good adhesive force that you are used to with neodymium magnets. They are magnetized by their height (axial magnetization). Of course, there are many possible uses for this type of magnet, such as trade fair and shop construction, kitchen or furniture construction, etc. You can also use it to securely attach signs, tools and metal objects. Round neodymium pot magnets with a countersunk hole are also very often used, the metal pot of which protects the built-in neodymium magnet from damage.