VW Beetle disguised as ladybug

VW Beetle disguised as ladybug became the absolute eye-catcher at the carnivals parade!

Not only people want to have fun and dress up at Mardi Gras or at carnaval, but also cars 🙂
Our customer shared exactly this opinion and disguised his red VW Beetle.

VW Beetle disguised as ladybug

VW Beetle dressed as Ladybug


For the black dots the customer used black magnetic foil. He cut round dots in diffeerent sizes out of the foil and attached them to the VW Beetle.
Strong neodymium disc magnets 45.0 x 5.0 mm N50 nickel – holds 17 kg were worked into the sensors, which ensure a secure hold during the parade.

Of course, the Ladybug can’t be driven in normal traffic, but it’s ideal for the carnival parade.
The magnetic foil adapts to the shape of the body and does not damage the paint. As soon as the carneval time is over, everything can be easily removed again.

High-quality magnetic film for the production of magnetic signs, automobile magnetic signs, warning and information signs, warehouse labels and other magnetic advertising media. Very good quality and easy to use.
The non-magnetic side is covered with a colored PVC film.
You can cut the film to the desired dimensions with a cutter or scissors.
The film can be printed using screen printing, UV or solvent processes.