Magnetic cutting aid for veggies

You want to cut vegetables quickly, and the vegetable slices constantly get stuck on the knife blade, then use a magnetic cutting aid for veggies.
But that doesn’t have to be! A small magnet makes the work much easier.

When cutting thin slices of vegetables, fruit or sausage, the water film often causes the slices to stick to the knife blade. This is especially annoying if you have invested a lot of money in a sharp, thin knife to make it easier to work quickly.

Magnetic cutting aid for veggies

A small conemagnet can really work wonders here. The slices are immediately separated from the knife by the magnet and remain clean on the cutting board.
It works best if you cut slightly forward while cutting.

Perfect slices

Magnetic aid while cutting veggies

But you should definitely exercise caution!



When removing the magnet from the knife, you should be careful and always push the magnet off the blade towards the back of the knife.
Otherwise there is a risk of injury!

Neodymium conemagnets

Admittedly, our neodymium conemagnets do not have a normal shape at first glance. The strong power magnets are magnetized through the height (axially) and thus have the poles on the two large areas. All magnets in this category have the north pole on the large diameter. Paired use is not possible.

Important: Although the conemagnets have the most adhesion or holding power on the wide end, it is better to leave the smaller side on the adhesive base. If the large diameter is only on the metallic adhesive base, the magnet can no longer be loosened without tools.