Magnetic autograph cards

Autograph cards are a great keepsake, but even better if they are magnetic!

Together with JUST AUTHENTIC we have developed a magnetic autograph card with which you can simply admire the memory of your star over and over again. Just adhere the autograph on the fridge and every time you’re in the kitchen you’ll remember the unforgettable moment.


With an autograph card you hold a signed piece of personality in your hands! It would be a shame if it just disappeared in a drawer.

The autograph cards were used for the first time at the ADAC GT Masters in Oschersleben. We have been a partner of Herberth Motorsport for many years now and have set ourselves the goal of creating something unique. Something that motorsport fans will remember.

We had to invest a lot of brainpower until the perfect format, the perfect material and the matching magnet were found. But the work was worth it!

Magnetic autograph cards

Team Herberth

Adhesion example

Magnetic foil Autograph Cards

Now Herberth Motorsport’s cards are no longer made of paper, but of magnetic foil.
The first copies show a Porsche 911 GT3 R with the starting number 99.

Tobi Schimon signing the cards

The fans were thrilled and so were we 🙂