Magnetic tape – perfect sound

In order to create an awesome acoustics in a recording booth (voice booth) we supported the guys from Rockantenne while equipping the booth with magnetic tape – for the perfect sound.

The booth should be expanded with so-called absorbers that are attached to the wall. So that these can also be removable, we have recommended the use of Neodymium Power self-adhesive magnetic tape. Tape was glued to the foam elements with spray adhesive. This allowes the absorbers to be easily attached to the wall. Perforated metal strips are screwed on as counterparts for the magnets.

Absorbers ensure that no disruptive reverberation occurs. This would negatively affect the sound.

Magnetic tape – perfect sound

Perfect sound


View of booth

Neodymium Power self-adhesive magnetic tape

Detail view of magnetic tape

Attached magnetic tape on foam

Perforated metal strips as counterparts

Foam elements

Rockantenne says:

Everything worked wonderfully, the tape had just the right „bite“ that we neded to keep everything stable on the wall.
But can be removed with a little pull when needed.


Once again we are amazed, what is possible with our own products.
Magnetic tape looks inconspicuous at first glance, but the possibilities are almost endless.

We wish Rockantenne a lot of fun „on air“ and always a good sound!


Thank you for letting us be a part of yor new project. ROCK ON !