Magnetic time recording and attendance overview

Magnetic time recording and attendance overview created to help during rescue missons.
Magnets are used by many aid organizations – both in action and in day-to-day business. When in mission, magnets often help on so-called „location maps“ to quickly assign units to a specific area or section and to have important messages always at hand.
The Technical relief organization (THW) in Meppen now even uses magnets to record the time of the emergency services and to have a quick overview of the helpers present. This makes work much easier for managers and executives.

Magnetic time recording and attendance overview

Structure clearly on a whiteboard

For this purpose, the organizational structure of the entire local association is recorded on a large whiteboard. Each emergency rescuer has their own little box, in which contains a card with name, picture and barcode. The barcode is used to record the hours of missions and services.
The individual cards are made from magnetic C-profile cuts.

Magnetic timetable

Transparent and clear

Whiteboard overview

Upon arrival at the accommodation, the rescuer takes the card from the board and uses a barcode scanner to register himself into the time recording. Then the card is attached to the board again and a green memo magnet is placed on it. This means that everyone else knows at a glance that the helper is here or on duty.

The pictures of the volunteers make the matter very personal and vivid 🙂