Secure hold for sliding gate

Our cutomer created a secure hold for a custome made sliding gate.
To protect his vehicles from wind and weather, our customer has attached a sliding gate made of PVC fabric (also known as truck tarpaulin) to his carport.

DIY – Sliding gate

Sliding gate

For this purpose, he has worked holes into the material on the upper side, to which castors are attached. The gate can then be pushed open on a rail.

Unfortunately, the wind opened the sliding gate and the actual purpose of the construction was no longer fulfilled.

Secure hold for sliding gate

So a solution to the problem had to be found:

The solution was to use countersunk ring magnets made of neodymium, which are fastened with screws at each division and at both ends of the sliding gate.
In addition, there is a magnet mounted onto the wood of the carport. One on each side of the truck tarpaulin. A metal disc on the wood is actually sufficient here.
Please pay attention to the correct polarity during assembly so that the magnets attract and do not repel each other.

When the gate is closed, the magnets stick to the ends of the carport. When the gate is open, the other magnets hold the tarpaulin together.
Even during wind, the door now remains securely closed and the cars are protected from sun, rain and other weather conditions.

Ringmagnets with countersink

Detail view of magnets

Magnets and screws used

Sliding gate