Practical nail bracelet for farrier

To make his work easier, our customer made himself a practical nail bracelet for a farrier.
As a farrier he needs special nails which he always nedds them at hand.

Practical nail bracelet for farrier

practical and handy

With blockmagnets 60.0 x 15.0 x 5.0 mm – N40 nickel – holds  11.7 kg the nails hold optimally and are always in the right position.
I want to give you an example of a good magnet application here.
What is important on this nail bracelet is that you use 2 magnets so that the nails can be arranged in a controlled manner.
The Velcro fastener makes it easy to put on and the sheet metal plate prevents the magnets from collapsing.

Of course you can buy a similar bracelet and customize it yourself by implementing it with magnets.
Also you can sew a custom-made bracelet yourself.

Either way, you will soon realize how practical and handy this little helper can be.
You won’t have to find a spot where to put the nails before you start working, also you won’t have to interrupt your work, because you need to look for them- you just wear them on your wrist!

The use of this bracelet will impress you!