Magnetic awning fastening on balcony

Our customer was looking for a secure way on how to fasten an awning on his balcony and he decided to use magnetic fastening for it.

Shade in summer – no problem with a awning , our magnets and an good idea!

Magnetic awning fastening on balcony

The following magnets were used by the customer:

Procedure for implementation:

Magnets were sewn into a sun protection sail at a distance of approx. 50 cm.
When the closed awning is opened, the magnets automatically adhere to the handrail of the balcony railing.
For this reason, magnets were also used and no fixed solution was envisaged, as it is advantageous if the wind is too strong, the magnets loosen and therefore the tensioning rope or the sun protection sail cannot be overloaded.
When the wind subsides, the magnets automatically stick to the handrail again … and everything is fine again!

There are many ways on how to secure an awning on to the balcony, but we especially love the magnetic way.
The advantages are many: no drilling, no screwing, no tools required…..See for yourself!