Upgrading a knife sharpener

Our customer has had enough of wobbly brackets and shows us how easy upgrading a knife sharpener with the help of our magnets can be.

Looking for a suitable magnet to modify my knife sharpener, I came across your application blog. I found the many inspirations great and would like to share my application with you:
I would like to fix my knives with a strong magnet while sharpening so that I can work safely. At the moment it is necessary to screw the knife with a clamp made of wobbly sheet metal and a fiddly screw for sharpening.

Upgrading a knife sharpener

In order to improve time and handling, I have therefore clamped two bar rod magnets on the front of the knife support.
So the knives hold without any further mechanical fixation.
A quick and frequent turning of the knives is thus easily possible and leads to an effective grinding process.
The following magnets were used: NdFeB-Rod magnet brass body Ø 13×20 mm tolerance h6, 7.1 kg

Knife sharpener conversion - magnets

Inserting the blade

Sharpening the Blade

Knife sharpener beforehand

Knife sharpener conversion

The now fully upgraded knife sharpener is reliable and safe to use! No more wobbly brackets and running the danger of injuries!

Thank you for submitting us your application with our magnets. We are pleased to shared it on our Blog!