Magnetic window decoration

With this great magnet application you remain flexible when decorating your windows; Magnetic window decoration is the topic today.

Our customer and his wife don’t like curtains in your house. She likes to decorate the windows. In order to enable her to decorate the window, the husband decided to create a magnetic version for her. Which, of course, he also succeeded in using our products.

Magnetic window decoration

Hook magnets on flat bars

Magnetic window decoration

Our customer used the following procedure:

  • He has attached a flat iron with 5-6 countersunk screws over the entire width of the window for fastening.
  • Holes where drilled in a flat iron, which he then sunked in.
  • In order to match the color of the interior, he covered them with decorative film in a wooden look.
  • The flat iron is practically invisible through this foil and is hardly noticeable.
  • A corresponding number of hook magnets 20 mm were magnetically attached to the flat iron.
  • The hooks are decorated.


We achieved flexibility by using the magnets. We can redecorate at will at any time.

A simple and great idea with which you can decorate your windows flexibly and individually.
There are no limits to your creativity. You can decorate your windows for Christmas, spring, autumn or Halloween.
With a simple fishing line, your decorative items are quickly tied and hung up.