Mendocino Motor

Today we would like to introduce you to another self-made engine; our customer built a Mendocino engine.

I took this video tutorial from Youtube to help:

Among other things, these materials and products were also used by me:
(Detailed instructions, the sketch, the exact number of pieces of the magnets and the list of materials are included in the video shown above)

The development of an engine summarized in pictures:

Motor without frame


Completed Motor


After I had everything set up, I put the magnets in and tested the motor.
The engine works perfectly!
Two more engines have already been ordered.

In this video you can see my self-made engine in operation:

It is very remarkable how much time, work and patience is invested in such projects. Such work requires a great deal of sensitivity and instinct.
Technical know-how and the necessary tools are also required here. Building a motor yourself is not easy. However, it is very praiseworthy when the motor actually works afterwards – which is a success for our customer. Great!
We like to see this kind of do-it-yourself videos at any time and thank our customer for sending us this great magnet application.
We wish you continued fun and success with the implementation of your engine orders.

Thank you very much!