Magnetic attachment for light hose

In today’s magnet application, we present you the magnetic attachment for light hose.

Our customer was in possession of a light hose that he wanted to attach to the frame of the awning. In order not to have to drill holes in the linkage, he decided to use the magnetic attachment.

Magnetic attachment for light hose

Magnet systems and brackets for light hose

Brackets attached to magnet systems

Detailed view of the magnets

Attachment for light hose

Rubberized magnet systems with a diameter of 43 mm were used to attach the light hose.
Plastic washers and screwable clips were included in the hose packaging as accessories.

These accessory parts were put together by our customer as follows:

  • The white plastic discs were placed onto the magnets
  • Then these two parts were screwed together with the help of the clip
  • After the individual parts had been screwed together, the light hose was passed through the brackets
  • The finished product was attached to the frame – magnetically!


The magnets are barely visible and the awning can be operated and used as usual.

Round / rectangular neodymium magnet system with rubber coating and internal thread. The rubber coating made of Santoprene on the adhesive surface protects the metallic adhesive base from scratches and increases the sliding force.
Available in 5 different diameters from Ø 22 mm to Ø 88 mm (1.3 kg to 55 kg) and rectangular 43 x 31 mm (10.5 kg – 14.6 kg)