Magnetic wall in the children’s room

We wanted the classic – a magnetic wall in the children’s room!

The wall should be used to hang up posters and cards.

Unfortunately, when creating the magnetic wall , our customers realized that not everything is trivial.

I wanted to use the whole surface and make magnetic, but cut out 30 cm all around for optical and practical reasons.

It should look nicely symmetrical. A TV bench should be in front of the wall. Thas is why, that the lower part could not be used.
The children would not be able reach above the door themselves.

Creation of the Magnetic wall

For the first attempt we used 2.5 l of magnetic paint and then reordered another 500 ml for the small area.
The paint was easy to work with with simple rollers.

We painted in the summer heat and strictly followed the instructions for the large area and only made 2 paints per day.
Unfortunately, our can lid was a bit warped because we had trouble opening it.
As a result, the color on the 2nd day was similar to pastes and difficult to apply.
That’s why I made the small area with 3 coats in one day and it dried very quickly at temperatures above 30 ° C and was so much easier to work with.