Magnetic refueling aid – AdBlue

Today we received a slightly different but for our customer a very profitable application; Magnetic refueling aid – AdBlue.

I need around 150 liters of AdBlue for my tractor on my farm every year.
An own 200 liter barrel with a special pump is too expensive and time-consuming for me (I have my own gas station for diesel).

Magnetic refueling aid – AdBlue

That’s why I initially bought the AdBlue in 10 liter canisters, but the price / liter is not cheap (Normal prices range between 1.00 € and 1.50 € / l .).
At the next gas station with an AdBlue filling point for trucks, the urea solution costs an inexpensive € 0.49 / l.
However, the gas station is 5 km away, this is a bit too far away and too time-consuming for my needs.
Because tons of empty 10 liter AdBlue canisters would accumulate over the years, I came up with the idea of bringing the AdBlue home with these cans from the gas station.

However, the first time we tried to refuel, we were disappointed:

The filling nozzle switched off constantly, filling was only possible extremely slowly and with great feeling.

I researched the reason for this on the Internet:
A magnet is built into the blue colored filler neck of the AdBlue tanks of most vehicles (at least in the trucks and tractors;  that „unlocks“ the nozzle for an unhindered flow.
(I don’t know if that is on is the case at all gas stations, at least at mine).
Of course, this magnet is missing when filling ordinary plastic canisters, which is what caused my problem.
In the course of this Internet research, I came across adapters that you slide over the front end of the AdBlue fuel nozzle.
A magnet is built into the adapter, which „simulates“ an AdBlue filler neck for the nozzle and thus releases it.
This adapter should cost at least € 25 on the Internet.  For me, the € 25 are to much.
(But would still pay off quickly with the cheap AdBlue gas station price – see calculation at the bottom).

So I finally got the idea to get a ring magnet that should work like this adapter:

By putting it over the front nozzle, it should activate it.
It has become a ferrite ring magnet with these dimensions: 40.0 mm outside diameter x 20.0 mm inside diameter x 10.0 mm height.
(for around € 0.50 from the magnet shop)
Of course, the inside diameter is especially important, because according to ADAC, AdBlue filler necks are 19.75 mm in diameter.
The outside diameter and height of the magnet are probably less important.

I was curious about the first tank attempt with the magnet.
Simply slide it over the front third of the nozzle and lo and behold:
Filling worked without any problems, the gun released a good flow rate!
My 10 liter canisters were filled quickly.

Magnetic refueling aid – AdBlue

Magnetic refueling aid for AdBlue

The only small restriction:
You have to find the right spot for the magnet & hold it in place with the other hand. This prevents that the magnet doesn’t slip into the canister
– Unfortunately, the magnet does not “adhere” to the nozzle.
However, the correct position is clearly noticeable by a slight click in the nozzle.  This happens, when the mechanism inside recognizes the magnet.

Since I bought the magnet, I have been able to refuel my tractor and my VW T6 flatbed, comfortably at home with inexpensive AdBlue.
While I had to spend around 150 € / year with my annual consumption of around 150 liters of AdBlue and a price of (already „cheap“) 1 € / l, now with a liter price of 0.49 € it is only around 75 € , so half.

The magnet for € 0.50 (excluding shipping costs) saves me around € 75 a year.

Addendum from another customer:

However, I did not succeed in unlocking the car fuel nozzle. A little later I went back to try the truck nozzle.

Now here comes the solution:

It only works on the big truck fuel nozzle! But perfect on this one.