Smartphone rescue with magnets

Our customer had a problem with metal dust in his smartphone speakers and he decided to rescue his smarthphone with magnets.
Because a broken smartphone is always annoying.

I work in a metal processing company. I regularly have metal dust and shavings at work and inevitably in my trouser pockets.

After a short time, the magnetic metal particles clog the speaker openings on my cell phone.
As a result, the function was restricted, as you could almost no longer hear the conversation partner.

As a simple weapon against the magnetic effects of the loudspeakers, I thought of a stronger magnetic field than the loudspeakers have. So I just ran a small block magnet over the openings. The magnet collects most of it. To loosen stuck metal dust, I pick a few small magnets on a needle to magnetize them. You can then carefully loosen the dust with the tip and collect it.

Smartphone rescue with magnets

Smartphone rescue with magnets

Magnets used to collect the metal dust

This is a very practical magnet application. It saves you in the worst case not only the trouble and nerves but also a  lot of money for the repair!

We thank our customer for sharing his idea with us and all of you – Thank you!