Magnetic fishing

Our customer has discovered a new hobby: magnetic fishing. With a strong magnet attached to a rope, he fishes metallic objects out of water.

He tells us about his findings and his approach in this magnet application today.

Magnetic fishing

On the Internet, I came across a video by chance in which two people presented their finds that they caught while magnetically fishing. I immediately became interested in this „bizarre“ way of fishing and found out about magnetic fishing. I quickly learned that you need a robust and strong magnet for this. Finally I came across, where I quickly found my favorite magnet, a robust neodymium magnet with an eyelet. I ordered the „Eyelet magnet Ø 60 mm NEODYMIUM – zinc – holds 110 kg„.

First the magnetic fisherman looks for a body of water where he can fish magnetically without disturbing other „real“ fishers or other people. Also he looked for a place he hopes to find good objects.
A stronger rope (length approx. 12 – 25m) is tied into the eye of the neodymium magnet. The other end of the rope is used near the bank as a safety device. Or it is tied up on a railing.

Now you can start magnetic fishing!

You throw the magnet into the water as far as possible, wait until it has sunk and gently pull it out again.
Lucky ?!
Then maybe there might be an interesting iron find attached to the magnet. If not, don’t discourage,!
Magnetic fishing is just like „normal“ fishing; a patient sport.

After two weeks of intensive fishing with the magnet, I can say that it is perfect.
Constant humidity or wetness doesn’t seem to bother him. Also the fact that he hit the ground a few times did not damage him either. The robustness is fabulous.

His enormous holding force of  110kg is also necessary.
I know from my own experience that you sometimes need a lot of strength to pull larger treasures out of the water.
The eyelet could also be screwed perfectly into the thread and has been „rivet and nail-proof“ since then -> praise at

Finally, I have to add that we have already made ourselves very popular at our local forest lake with magnetic fishing, as you involuntarily pull garbage out of the water, which we also properly disposed of on land.
The local fishing club welcomes us magnetic fishermen!

Magnet fishing is therefore a very environmentally friendly hobby 🙂

Attached rop to Eyelet magnet

The eyelet magnet must be fixed very tight onto a rope

Finding a nitrous oxide bottle

Even a chair was fished