Magnetic fastening of the Christmas decoration

Our customers have faced the challenge of reliably fastening the Christmas decorations outdoors – the solution is a magnetic fastening.

Every year again …

A Christmas decoration should of course not be missing in the run-up to Christmas! This enchants the interior and exterior. A warm and cozy atmosphere is created in which you can enjoy a cup of mulled wine and home-baked cookies.
The shine of lights is pretty to look at and gives everyone a feeling of joy and love. These feelings make all Christmas hearts beat faster!

Magnetic fastening of the Christmas decoration  outdoors

View of eyelet magnets on the gutter

Magnetic fastening of the Christmas decoration

View of fairy lights on the gutter

Magnets for a secure hold!

In order for everything to stay in place during the winter weather and laboriously repeat the work that has been done, our customers have opted for the following products:


They proceeded as follows:

  • To attach the chain of lights in the snowflake design, they put them through the eyes of the magnets.
  • The assembled magnets were attached to the brackets of the gutters. The adhesive force is strongest on these brackets.


Important information from our customers:

  • The material of which these gutters are made of is titanium – titanium is only weakly magnetic and is not suitable for this purpose.
  • Unfortunately, copper gutters are not suitable for this project either. These have no magnetic properties.


Thank you for sending us this great magnet application! We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!