„Tidy“ the magnetic helper

Today we have a new customer application for you that we think is particularly successful  „Tidy“ the magnetic helper „.

Our customer gave his application the name „Tidy“, meaning „clean, tidy“, and the name fits perfectly!

Design decoration freely

Annoyed by the decoration on the windowsill in my bathroom, I came up with the idea of attaching the decoration directly to the window sash.

Based on the idea of the hook on the door on which I hang my towels, something like this should also work on the window. Decoration, however, is very different from my towels, always different. Sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes less, sometimes more …
So it should be something flexible.

However, screws only hold well if you tighten them firmly. With your neodymium magnets I can freely adjust the position of my platforms by simply pushing them and thus adapting „Tidy“ to the decoration over and over again.

Tidy assembled with cube magnets

Slip mats ensure a secure hold at Tidy

Claan windowsill thanks to Tidy

Decoration stored clean with TIDY

The construction consists of sheet metal from the hardware store with a thickness of 0.75 mm. I bent it at the top so that you can hook it into the window sash. The platforms are made from the remains of the sheet metal. I bent it so that there is enough space for the lever arm between the magnets.
There are small slip mats on the platforms so that things don’t fall off when tipped.

For the small platforms I used two cube magnets with an edge length of 10 mm. These already hold so tight that you can put small plants on them. Provided you place them between the two sheets. This also makes it more difficult to detach the platforms from the base plate, for example for cleaning.

For the larger plant I used two cube magnets with 10 mm and one cube magnet with an edge length of 15 mm. Due to the significantly greater force, I can now arrange the magnets visibly, which also makes it much easier to detach them from the main platform.

Inexpensive to purchase – priceless in use!

The material value is 12.87 euros. For the sheet metal (0.75 mm) I paid 2.40 euros in the hardware store. The magnet with an edge length of 15 mm is available from EUR 3.45 and the magnet with an edge length of 10 mm from EUR 1.17.

There are hardly any limits to creativity here. If you have more money available, you can also produce a stainless steel version (ferritic). Perforated sheet metal or expanded metal would certainly be great for more light.

Narrower sheets, but several side by side and many other variants are possible …

I hope you like „Tidy“ so much too 🙂