Spoke magnet on bike

The spoke magnet on a bike was replaced by our customer by one of our magnets to prevent possible damage.

High-quality wheels with knife spokes are often installed on premium racing bikes and MTBs.
The conventional „spoke magnets“ usually have to be clamped with a screw, which is not good for the filigree knife spokes – damage is the result.
These are not strong enough either – the distance to the transmitter is often only 1 to 2 mm, which means that grinding noises occur if the transmitter is bumped and moves out of its original position.
The solution – tried out successfully by me.

New magnet on bike

A discmagnet Ø 6.0 x 2.0 mm N45 EPOXY – holds 700 gr. was used for this application. (For applications in a dry environment)

The use of the magnet brought the following advantages:

  • The disc magnet is so strong that the distance to the transmitter can be 10 mm (!) and more
  • With a power superglue the magnet was simply attached- this was glued directly to the knife spoke
  • No damage to the knife spoke
  • The lightest „alternative“ for racing bikes and mountain bikes