Magnetic installation for track lighting system

In today’s post we present a magnetic installation for a track lighting system.

I used about 60 hook magnets with the diameter of 32mm ferrite.

My plan: to install an extensive track lighting system on the ceiling.

  • No holes should be drilled in the ceiling. Using magnets seemed like the right idea in this case.
  • The white lacquered steel girders seemed ideal to be attached with the help of magnets.
  • Out of wire I made small hooks which grabbed into the holder of the rails. These can be shaped according to your taste.
  • I used a guide line to align the magnets on the ceiling.
  • In the end I attached strip by strip to the ceiling and put them together.

Magnetic installation for track lighting system

Wire and rail

Detail view of hook with wire

Detail view

Hook magnets white

Hook magnets white II

Used hook magnets

Hookmagnets for magnetic installation of lighting system

Detail View

Magnetic installation for track lighting system

I was very surprised by the adhesive force of the individual magnets. These little hook magnets hold their promise.

A useful tip from our customer:

What should you watch out for?
Layers of lacquer under the magnets have a significant impact on the load-bearing capacity.
A layer of lacquer is sufficient where you want to attach your magnets.
Magnets should not be moved afterwards, this will damage the paintwork.


We look forward to sharing the successfully implemented project with you.
This magnet application is very impressive.
Many thanks to our customer for sending it in!