Pinboard magnets as game pieces

The topic of today’s magnet application is: pin board magnets as playing figures.
Our customer has recreated a classic game „Mensch ärgere dich nicht“ in a stable and durable way at home. Our magnets were used as play figures.

Own creation game „LUDO“

View of the game board

Game board from above

These materials and magnets were used to create the game board::

Pinboard magnets as game pieces

  • Apply the felt to the underside of the magnetic pins with an adhesive – this reduces the adhesive force of the small but powerful magnets. This does not affect their function.
  • Paint the cubes with gold and silver paint or varnish – then let them dry.
  • Use a white pencil to draw the corresponding number on each of the dice.
  • Paint metal boxes in the colors gold and silver and let them dry well – these are used to store the corresponding dice.


Our office magnets are not only suitable for the refrigerator, pin board, blackboard, memo board or whiteboard, but also for the creative ideas of our customers.

Wow! With this unique game, childhood memories are brought to life! We hope you enjoy playing!