Magnetic filter holder on the aquarium

In today’s magnet application we would like to show you how you can use our products to create and attach a magnetic filter holder to the aquarium. This idea and its implementation was sent to us by a 14-year-old boy.

I was looking for a solution to attach a filter to my 100l aquarium. The suction cups lose their power after a while and no longer hold on to the glass pane. Gluing the filter with aquarium silicone wasn’t a solution for me either. The filter should remain movable as desired. I got the idea to stick the magnets directly onto the filter.

Magnetic filter holder on the aquarium

Spacer and magnet

Magnets with spacer and filter mat

Magnets with spacers

Magnetic filter holder on the aquarium

The following materials were used here:


Our customer describes his application as follows:

  • The filter is held on the outer pane of the aquarium with additional magnets.
  • First I glued a block with aquarium silicone to the magnet as a spacer.
  • I did this four times so that the strength of the magnets is sufficient to carry the entire water filter with pump and heating rod.
  • The silicone had hardened after 24 hours.
  • Now I glued the four magnets with spacers onto the filter.
  • I cut a fine filter mat to a width of 2 cm. This should be attached to the side of the filter to which the magnets are to be attached.
  • I glued this to the filter.
  • In addition, I cut holes in these to attach the magnets. This prevents fish from getting between the filter and the pane of the aquarium.
  • The spacer and the magnet correspond to the width of the filter mat.
  • After 2 days everything was dry and I was able to install the filter in the aquarium.
  • Magnets were held against the glass and the filter held bombproof.


Important note from customer:
The magnets should be waterproof for use in wet environments.
Depending on the size of the filter, the adhesive force of the magnets should be taken into account.
The glass thickness must always be taken into account.