Play wall

Our customer conjured up an original and unique play wall for your sponsored child.

Wooden toys are very durable. Such play equipment can be found in waiting rooms or waiting rooms of doctors, in the crèche, in the day care center or in the kindergarten. These motorized play walls are also more popular at home and in playgrounds.
With their bright colors and different shapes and figures, they promote the motor skills and development of children.

Part of this play wall are colorful balls on an aluminum rod, which are repelled by magnets.
This allows the balls to move. They bounce and spin.

She used the following magnets to create the play wall:

Manufacture of the play wall

Interactive play wall

Original and unique

  • For the first time I drilled a hole with a Ø of 6.5mm through the entire ball through which an aluminum rod with a Ø of 6mm runs.
  • In order to integrate the magnets in it, I also used a 15 mm drill to drill 6 mm recesses in the upper and lower areas of the balls.
  • The magnets were fixed in these recesses with hot glue.
  • With the help of a 3D printer and its settings, two brackets for the pole were printed.
  • There is also a magnet in the lower plastic holder so that the bottom ball is also repelled upwards.
  • In the uppermost sphere, only one magnet was inserted in the lower area.
  • So that the balls repel each other clearly, it was important that the magnets are strong enough. So I decided to use magnets with a load capacity of 5 kg.
  • There is a direct connection with the gears. These start moving as soon as one is turned.

In the attached video you can see in more detail how the magnets were positioned and how they work.


A great and colorful play device that invites you to play in the children’s play area. Great!