Magnetic world map

Today we are introducing you to a very special magnetic wall, a magnetic world map in XXL format. Our customer is a big travel fan.
To put it simply, magnetic film, paint and wooden board are the three options for constructing a magnetic wall in any room.
Each method can be easily implemented on your own. Your own magnetic board in your own design.


World map – Magnetic

To create my map, I painted my entire wall with magnetic paint Magpaint – magnetic wall paint and papered it with a photo wallpaper made of fleece.
The color is mixed with fine, rustproof iron particles. A magnetic attraction arises.

Non-woven wallpapers are particularly hard-wearing, easy to process and flame-retardant. The material can also bridge small cracks in the plaster substrate. Different surfaces from completely smooth to coarse embossing patterns to printed ready-made non-woven wallpapers are offered at different prices. This wallpaper is also available as a map of Germany or Europe. A frame as a conclusion was not used here. The quality of the non-woven wallpaper reflects the end result.

Magnetic paint


Travel around the world once

The markings for the next travel destinations can be attached to this map by using Rodmagnet neodymium Ø 3.0 x 4.0 mm N35 ZINC – OFFER.  Become a globetrotter and indulge in memories after every return. You can also attach postcards received from family and friends from Europe and other countries around the world to this XXL pin board.

This XXL world map transforms the living room into a breathtaking room. A real eye-catcher!

Magnetic world map

You can find many different ideas online for creating a world map at home. You will also find such creative ideas on our blog. Take a look!

Thank you for sending us this great magnet application!