Magnetic bottle opener

Today we would like to show you how our customer created a clever magnetic bottle opener from simple materials.
Before each sip, your own message can be viewed on the bottle opener.

When opening the bottles, the crown corks always fell around in the area. I solved that with a magnet.

Magnetic bottle opener

Bottle opener blank

Products used


Allroundview bottle opener


  • A wooden board was cut into 3/3 cm strips with a length of approx. 20 cm.
  • These strips were cut into the desired shape with a band saw.
  • In the middle distance of the blank I drilled a hole with a wood drill.
  • A wood screw was sunk into it and fixed at the bottom with a large metal washer.
  • The wood drill was used again in the head of the bottle opener; a hole with a diameter of 10 mm and a depth of about 4 mm was drilled.
  • Into it, a neodymium pot magnet Ø 10.0 x 4.5 mm with counterbore holds 1.3 kg was incorporated.

Magnetic attraction

In use

Magnetic bottle opener

My magnetic bottle opener is ready.
Simple, practical and good!
When opening bottles, the corks stick to the magnet.

I then decorate the bottle openers by hand: names, characters or the like personalize my bottle openers for each individual user.
To protect this personalization, I paint it a total of two times with a glossy clear varnish.
In my case, a clear coat spray can.

Great gifts, work great, the eye-catcher. Hiss your fridge chilled beer.

We think so too, of course! By far the most beautiful gift! Thank you for sending us your magnet application.