Photo wall made of welded wire mesh

Photo walls are the absolute eye-catcher nowadays, but our customer wanted something unusual; a photo wall made of welded wire mesh.

Photo wall made of welded wire mesh

Required materials:

  • 1 x welded wire mesh, those that are normally installed as reinforcement in concrete floors / ceilings.
    I bought a simple one that I got at the hardware store for around € 20.
  • 4 x simple nails
  • Some garden wire to attach the steel mat to the wall.
  • Approx. 50-60 discmagnets Ø 3.0 x 1.5 mm N50 nickel – holds 300 g.
    Please make sure that the magnets are not too small, otherwise they will be difficult to grip with your fingers.
  • Zapon varnish
  • Spirit
  • Washing-up liquid

Creation of the photo wall from welded wire mesh:

Detail view of welded wire mesh with magnets

Photos attached to welded wire mesh

  • Degrease thewelded wire mesh from the hardware store with washing-up liquid and rework with spirit
  • For the first photo wall, I painted the steel with clear Zapon varnish.
    I saved myself that on the second. So far no sign of rust film or the like. Still shiny.
  • Hang up the welded wire mesh with two nails, one on the left and one on the top right, and secure it with the garden wire.
    This prevents the welded wire mesh from slipping. (Can be seen on the photo)
  • I stretched the welded wire mesh against the wall with two more nails, one on the right and one on the bottom left.
  • Then the photos, postcards or other light things were attached to the welded wire mesh with the magnets.

This unusual photo wall made of  weled wire mesh is ready. It gives the living room a great flair!

Photo wall made of welded wire mesh

The decoration options are unlimited. There are no limits to creativity here.
Such a wall grille is also perfect as an upcycling project. By adding a string of lights or for climbing plants, for example.
These welded wire meshes are not only for construction, but are also ideal as a creative garden decoration or as a pin board.