Magnetic attachment of a lamp to a steel boat

In order to be able to work on his steel boat, our customer needed a reliable attachment for a lamp. He decided on a magnetic attachment option.
He used products from our shop for this.
The battery-operated work light went out before work was done. This work lamp is equipped with strong spotlights. Such lamps are available with LEDs.

Magnetic attachment of a lamp to a steel boat

It’s time again for underwater work to be done on my boat. For this I need a lot of light and a perfect work lamp at its location.

Hook magnets on steel boat

Detail view of the attachment

Hook on chain

Lamp with chain and hook

Two Hook magnets Ø 36 mm NEODYM – zinc – holds 41 kg were used for the assembly.


I couldn’t position my lights so that they were upright and correctly illuminate my work area under the boat. A table lamp did not serve its purpose either, as it does not generate enough light and unfortunately I cannot attach it to the ceiling because the light does not shine as far as the desired work area.
I had no choice but to put them on the floor or on the straps of the boat trailer. Neither was optimal.
Then the idea occurred to me: “The hull of the boat is made of steel!” So what could be better than a magnet ?!
Go to the internet shop I trust and lo and behold, there was a solution = a hook magnet!

Hook magnet for magnetic attachment

Magnetic attachment of the lamp

The only thing that is always difficult to estimate is the adhesive force.
I let the dead weight go through my head and took into account the pull on the hook magnet for a vertical application.
So I decided on the 41 kg variant.
The housing of the lamp has two eyelets, the distance between which was used for attaching the hooks.

These keep my lighting perfect, whether horizontally or vertically. The length of the cable from the plug to my workplace was sufficient.
From the pictures you can see that the magnetic attachment of the lamp to the steel boat was rounded off with the help of a chain.
The chain is simply passed through the hook and then attached to the desired position. This gives you the perfect light on the back.
No rails or other tools are needed for this product as the hooks do their job.