Magnetic Christmas crib as advent calendar

Our customers were looking for an advent calendar for their 1 year old daughter. They decided on a magnetic Christmas crib as advent calendar.

Original and creative

Figures equipped with magnets

Laminated figures with magnets

We painted 24 small figures that measure an average of 7 x 7 cm. We laminated all of these figures into a solid film and finally glued a ferrite disc magnet (diameter 1.8 cm) to each piece from behind with the hot glue gun.

There is a new figure in each bag

Our daughter isn’t eating sweets yet. The calendar should contain something other than small pieces of chocolate.

Advent calendar

Christmas crib on fridge

Every day our little daughter was able to find a new figure in a bag and complete the crib step by step until Christmas Eve.
We expanded the figures and added the three kings and a camel. Now we have a total of 28 figures.
The whole nativity scene can be attached to the refrigerator or the radiator.

Magnetic Christmas crib as advent calendar

On the radiator

This type of advent calendar is very creative. It is reusable and stable. The figures are colorful and give the little one a lot of joy.
After the Advent season, the figures can alternatively be used as a game. The magnets make them stick to various metallic objects.

We are always fascinated by what our customers create with our products. This magnet application is also truly unique!
Many thanks to our customers for sending us their magnet application.

Thank you!