Magnetic spice rack

Our customers need more space and order in the kitchen, and they succeeded with a magnetic spice rack.
Who does not know that? Lots of different spices accumulate in the kitchen cupboards and on the work surface.
Sometimes there are so many that it becomes confusing and the right spice can only be found after a long search.
To put an end to this, this practical and simple kitchen utensil was built.

Magnetic spice rack

Magnets on metal plate

Spice jars on magnets

These materials were used:

Easy and quick implementation

  • I glued the angle profiles to the metal plate at the desired distance so that the spice jars hang in a straight line on the metal plate.
  • The magnets are loosely attached to the metal plate, so I can use them again and again if I no longer like the spice board or if I get another idea.
  • Due to the magnetic attraction, the spice jars adhere to the magnets as if by magic. They hold very well on the board even when fully filled and do not slip.


Magnetic spice rack

Spice racks come in different designs and sizes. The choice is wide. Finding a suitable one for your own kitchen is usually a big challenge, because either they are too small, too bulky or do not match the design of the kitchen. Therefore, applications like this one show how easy, quick and cheap your own utensil can be created.

Thank you for sharing!