Bottle cap wall

In today’s magnet application, we present you an alternative to wall decoration; a bottle cap wall.
This magnet application comes from one of our employees today.

Bottle cap wall

Bottle cap collection

In his previous job as a bartender, he collected an enormous number of bottle caps.
These colorfully mixed bottle caps gave him the idea to equip his living room wall with them.


The implementation:

Our self-adhesive magnetic film – can be trimmt to size with a thickness of 1 mm – was used here.
Our employee decided not to stick the film on. He nailed it directly to the wall.
Alternatively, you can use the Magnetic foil, self-adhesive on one side, width 610 x 1.0 mm x meter.
Please keep in mind; this film is stored and sold on rolls. At the beginning, this can curl up again.

Magnetic foil with bottle caps

The bottle caps adhere to the magnetic foil by themselves. The use of an adhesive or magnet is not necessary here.

Bottle cap wall

Countless projects can be implemented with bottle caps. Equipping a complete living room wall with it is also an absolute novelty for us.

There was absolutely no limit to creativity. Visually, this wall became an absolute eye-catcher in his living room.
The effort that was made here was very great. Attaching each individual bottle cap took a lot of time and took several days.

We would like to praise and share the result of this arduous work with you.

A very original idea!

Many thanks to our employee for this great application.