Magnetic bike lock holder

The bicycle lock holder is to be removed for his bicycle tours through the woods, so the customer built a magnetic bicycle lock holder to make this possible.

Magnetic bike lock holder

His plan was implemented quickly. With 2 ring magnets Ø 20.0 x 6.4 x 5.0 mm N35H nickel with counterbore north for the frame and 2 ring magnets Ø 20.0 x 6.4 x 5.0 mm N35H nickel with counterbore south for the holder.

In order to be able to drive without impairment, a bracket was needed that could be attached and removed quickly.
It also gets dirty very quickly in the woods.
On the frame I used the rubber caps for Ø 20 mm to protect surfaces, of course you can also attach them to the lock bracket.

HAIBIKE Modular Rail System (MRS)

Used material

Holder with magnets

Magnets on the frame

Detail view

Rubber caps

This bracket can be attached to any bike with a bottle holder. The bike model shown is the HAIBIKE Modular Rail System (MRS) with the matching lock nut.

Magnetic bike lock holder

Driving fun without a disruptive factor!
With the help of the magnets used, the magnetic bicycle lock holder sticks to the bicycle as if by itself. The bracket can be attached and removed at any time as required.

We find this idea very clever and thank our customer for sending us his application.