Magnetic attachment of a lamp to steel girders

So that it is no longer dark at his front door, our customer created a magnetic attachment of a lamp to steel girders.
You can read how he succeeded in today’s post.

Magnetic attachment of a lamp to steel girders

Magnets used

Clip with magnet on the lamp

The implementation of his idea took place quickly and without the use of any tools. No drilling or screwing was necessary here.
The outdoor lamp used for this is equipped with brackets. These brackets are magnetic and offer a great advantage here. The blockmagnets 25.0 x 15.0 x 4.0 mm N50 nickel- hold 6.8 kg  used by the customer, simply pull onto the clips. The clamps were attached to the lamp.

More reliable hold thanks to magnets

Steel girders on the canopy

Magnetic attraction

Light on steel girders

The existing steel girders of the canopy create the right basis in order to attach a lamp magneticly onto the steel girders. The lamp was simply attached to the steel girders. Magnetically and as if by magic, the light sticks securely and reliably to the steel girders. The attached light now offers the necessary lighting in the entrance area. Nice and bright and practical.

This application of magnets is again an example of the versatility of our products. We are always happy about the most diverse ideas and uses of the magnets.

We would also like to thank this customer for submitting his application.

Many Thanks!