Magnets in the wood workshop

We will show you what can be implemented with the help of our products in today’s application: Magnets in the wood workshop.

Our customer has found several possible uses that help him keep his workshop clean, tidy and brightly lit.


Magnets in the wood workshop

Versatile as:

Fixation of a garden gate

The wood must be brought into the garden. The garden gate is in the way and interferes with work. Without further ado, it was magnetically attached to the garden fence.

Magnets in the wood workshop – spotlights on the ceiling provide enough light

An LED spotlight attached to the ceiling with hook magnets ensures sufficient lighting in the workshop.

Magnets in the wood workshop – perfect light on the band saw

A lamp attached with the help of ring magnets also provides the perfect light on the band saw.

Magnets in the wood workshop – suction cups, wood and accessories are attached to steel girders and do not interfere

Order and secure hold thanks to the use of eye and hook magnets on the I-beams of the workshop ceiling. There is space for tools, cable reels and the like.

Magnets in the woodworking workshop – tools always close at hand on the drill

So that you don’t have to look for the required tools for a long time and they always hang on their fixed places, those were also attached magnetically to the drill press.

The following magnets can be used for the above-mentioned applications: