Magnetic knife block

Magnetic knife blocks are becoming more popular every day; everyone wants one and that’s why our customer built his own magnetic knife block.

Magnetic knife block

This unique piece was created from an old barn roof beam and the following material:

Manufacture of the base plate for the magnetic knife block:

  • Drill a 8.5 mm through hole
  • Cut M10 thread
  • Adjust edges
  • Optionally paint with clear varnish (tip: use the underside as a support and paint it separately after drying)

Magnetic knife block – production of the round bar:

  • Drill an 8.5mm hole at the top of the rod (about 30mm deep)
  • Cut M10 thread
  • Optionally varnish with clear varnish (put on the side that disappears into the wood afterwards)

Assembling the stand on the magnetic knife block:

  • Screw approx. 25 mm long threaded rods into the round rod
  • Screw this onto the base plate

Magnetic knife block – production of the wooden block:

  • Brushing the old wooden beam (round steel brush in cordless screwdriver works perfectly for this)
  • Drill two holes with a diameter of 10 mm on each side of the block about 270 mm deep in the beam from below.
  • The edge distance should not be larger than 5 mm, otherwise the strength of the magnets will be too weak.
    It is important here that you use a drill press, otherwise no straight hole will be created on this length and you will quickly break through to the outside.
  • Drill an 18 mm hole in the middle with a Forstner bit with a depth of approx. 110 mm.
  • Then 4 of the above bar magnets are inserted into each hole.
  • Finally, the rest of the hole is closed with a wooden dowel and the underside sanded smooth.
  • Now the beam is let in with the wood oil (2 passes are sufficient)

This is how THE magnetic knife block is assembled:

  • The finished beam can now be pushed onto the stand via the 18 mm hole. This means that the knife block can be „rotated“ and the knives can be attached to the side.

Holes for magnets

Processing of the wood

Mounting on a turntable

Magnetic effect

Magnetic knife block

There are now countless ideas & examples on magnetic knife blocks. The design, the functionality and the texture are just a few factors that are decisive here. In addition, the size and color also play a big role when purchasing this gadget. You can create, build and design these yourself, but also purchase them in our shop: Magnetic knife blocks.