Magnetic attachment of handlebar cuffs

Our customer is reluctant to go without motorcycling in winter so he came up with the right idea; magnetic attachment of handlebar cuffs.

I have been a motorcyclist for many years and also ride my motorcycle in winter.
For this I bought an old motorcycle combination (built in 1979) which I have been driving in winter for years.
The vehicle has winter tires fitted and leg protection.

Since my hands get too cold and too wet every now and then, my family gave me heated motorcycle gauntlets.
These are very easy to assemble and keep my hands nice and warm.
Unfortunately, these gauntlets are not attached to the handlebar ends. It is therefore difficult to put your hands in the gauntlets while driving.
You also have to take your hand off the handlebars every now and then. You might have to open or clean the visor while driving too.

Magnetic attachment of handlebar cuffs

I provided the cuffs with strong neodymium pot magnets with threaded bushes. Pot magnet Ø 32.0×7.0 mm, with internal thread M5 holds 35 kg

Magnets used

Bottom of the magnet

Neodymium pot magnet Ø 32.0 x 7.0 mm with socket

Magnetic fastening of handlebar cuffs in detail:

To make it easier and quicker for the customer to slip in and out of the gauntlets, he attached a screw with a large washer to the handlebar ends for attaching the handlebar counterweights.

Washer on handlebar

Detail view of washer with magnet


Magnet on handlebar

Now I can quickly assemble the gauntlets, they are firmly fixed to the handlebars so that I can easily slide my hands in and out while driving.

If I have a defect on the handlebars, e.g. B. a cracked throttle cable, I can dismantle the gauntlets without tools and put them back on quickly.

Thanks to the strong magnets, the gauntlets also hold at over 120 km / h!

It is important, however, that the magnets have enough iron to adhere so that they can develop their full adhesive force to a large extent.
Hence the thick, large washers on the handlebar ends.

Magnet, washer and cuff

Magnet, washer and cuff

Motorcycle gauntlets on mirrors

Detailed view of the cuff

Attachment of handlebar cuffs to the motorcycle

Motorcycle gauntlets on the steering wheel