Magnetic adapter rings for ceiling lights

The customer decides on magnetic adapter rings for ceiling lights in order to be able to replace the old spotlights in the ceiling with LED spotlights.


Many years ago spotlights were built into the ceiling and are now to be replaced by LED spotlights. Unfortunately, he could not find LED spotlights with this diameter on the market. In order to be able to install this in spite of everything, another solution had to be found. He had adapter rings made of stainless steel. These are held securely with our Ringmagnet Ø 14.0 x 4.5 x 4.5 mm N35 nickel with countersunk.

Important and useful note for our customers:
Not every stainless steel is suitable for this! The magnetic properties of stainless steel depend on the structure and processing.


Holes for ceiling lights

Holes for ceiling lights with magnets

Stainless steel adapter rings

Adapter rings attached magnetically

LED lights and adapter rings

Adapter rings for ceiling lights

The adapter rings are made to fit perfectly. These cover the existing holes. Now the LED spotlights are professionally installed. They sit perfectly. The stainless steel adapter rings match the color of the LED spotlights. The adapter rings fully serve their purpose here!

Thnks a lot to our customer for submitting his great magnetic application that we would like to share with you.